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Types of weight loss pills

Types of weight loss pills

There are two types of weight loss pills that can be found in the market.
  1. Prescription Pills
  2. Non Prescription Pills

Prescription Weight Loss Pills
These are those pills that have been checked and approved by food & drug authorities. These pills have been tested and clinically proven for their effectiveness in weight loss or weight reduction.

Prescription pills are usually prescribed to people with obesity problems. Obesity refers to a body condition with excessive fat. Since Obese people have a bigger risk in acquiring health problems such as heart problems, diabetes and stroke, weight lose prescription pills are given to them as their medication.

Do note that weight loss prescription pills are not perfect. Prescription pills have side effects that has been discovered by clinical studies. People still use them as a last resort when all means of natural weight loss fails for them.

Examples of Prescription weight loss pills are:
  • Xenical (Orlistat)
  • Phentermine/ Fentermine
  • Meridia (Sibutramine)
  • Proactol
Non Prescription Pills
Non prescription pills can also be called over the counter pills since you don't need a doctor's prescription to buy them.

Non prescription pills are weight loss supplements. They claim to have amazing and fast results which are exaggerations most of the time. Another claim for non prescription pills is that they use natural ingredients. Do note that natural does not always mean safe.

Unlike prescription pills, non prescription pills don't have clinical studies to prove their claims. Since they have not been studied much, intake of these pills could have unknown and dangerous effects to your body.

Examples of Non Prescription weight loss pills are:
  • Herbalife™
  • Metabolife
  • herbal weight loss pills
  • fat burners

Always consult your doctor before buying weight loss pills. Before you subject your body to these pills, it is best to know the benefits and side effects it has. Safety first.

Types of weight loss pills